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How to Get Rid of Comcast Caller ID Pop Ups

If you’re like me and have Comcast’s Triple Play, you have no doubt discovered the annoying Caller ID pop ups on your TV. Anytime when someone calls your home while you’re watching the game or your favorite show, Comcast has … Continue reading

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ImageMagick: Extracting the Caption from the IPTC Tag of a Photo

Using this thread from ImageMagick’s forum, I figured out command below to only extract the caption from the IPTC tags from a photo. cmd: > convert $jpegfilename -format “%[IPTC:2:120]” info: example: > convert sports271_photo.jpg -format “%[IPTC:2:120]” info: If you need … Continue reading

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HttpClient with Feed Protocol

Took me a while to figure this out. If you’re using Apache’s HttpClient and need to change its default protocol from “http” to “feed”, this is how you do it in the code snippet below. HttpClient client = new HttpClient(); … Continue reading

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Narrowing Your Focus

From my blog reading, I stumbled across SchmidtHappens’ post.  He argues that a web developer is not the same as a web designer.  Yes, they both deal with the web; however, each job actually encompasses a different skill set.  He … Continue reading

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