How to Get Rid of Comcast Caller ID Pop Ups

If you’re like me and have Comcast’s Triple Play, you have no doubt discovered the annoying Caller ID pop ups on your TV. Anytime when someone calls your home while you’re watching the game or your favorite show, Comcast has a pop up appear on your TV screen with the callers phone number. This feature might be useful, but the only calls I ever get are the bill collectors for the guy who owned my phone number before me.

Here’s the step to turn it off.
1. On your Comcast remote, push the red “menu” button
2. You should see the Quick Menu, select iTV ( Interactive TV)
3. You’ll see a new screen, select “Caller ID”
4. It might take a while, but when the next screen appears, set “Caller ID is” Off.

There you go. Hope this is helpful to someone else out there.

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