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Books Page

Just in case all of you didn’t notice, I created a books page a few days ago. This is just a simple space where I can post what books I’ve been reading and share my thought. Of course, favorite books … Continue reading

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Note to Myself: String Concatenation

In the effort of trying to make my java code NOT look like it was written 10 years ago, here’s another note to myself. Use String.format for concatenating strings, especially when concatenating strings within strings. In other words… Do less … Continue reading

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Note to Myself: Iterators and For-Each Loops

This is a note to myself. When coding in java, stop using Iterators where you can by replacing them with a for-each loop. So in other words… Stop doing this: for ( Iterator<?> vectorIterator = vector.iterator(); vectorIterator.hasNext();) { System.out.println( (String) … Continue reading

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Jazz Lessons and Static Inner Classes

[[ Sticking with the music theme that seems to keep popping up in my posts. ]] I’ve recently decided to take up jazz piano again and found a great private lessons teacher in my neighborhood. Frank has been filling in … Continue reading

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Learning the Cliches Idioms of Our Craft

I recently discovered Seth Godin and started to follow his blog. In one of his recent posts he explains about taste and how successful creators are later emulated because of the greatness in their work. Taste is the ability to … Continue reading

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Still Here

[[ Funny post I wrote many years ago on my first blog. I was thinking about it again and decided to share it again here. ]] I was just recently sent by the company I work for to New Jersey … Continue reading

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