Still Here

[[ Funny post I wrote many years ago on my first blog. I was thinking about it again and decided to share it again here. ]]

I was just recently sent by the company I work for to New Jersey for a week, actually I was sent a week before July 4th. Over there I had learned something interesting. I was having a conversation with the manager that originally hired me 2 years ago. We were discussing staffing for our company’s new operation in New Jersey. And, somehow it came up the peculiar reason why I was hired.

I was eccentric.

He was explaining I was his first choice despite my lack of job experience. His belief was that eccentric people have the ability to multi-task and adapt. I don’t know if this is true or not. But, I do remember starting at my job 2 years ago, being thrown in room at the back, being given the procedures manual, being told that no one will be able to train me and that I was on my own.

Two years later, I am now being flown to New Jersey, thrown in some back room, given the procedure manual, and told that I’m on my own. But this time, I’m the ‘expert’ and have to train the others.

I think I should list “eccentric” on my resume.

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