Stomping Around in Ruby Land

Since my last post, I’ve been working primarily with ruby on rails like I said I would.  I have to admit working with ruby on rails has made me excited about web development again.

I especially like the book I picked up by Michael Hartl, Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial: Learn Rails By Example. The writing and approach to Hartl’s book is so much more engaging and lively. I like this book so much more than the more familiar Dave Thomas book, Agile Web Development With Rails.

What’s funny is, prior to reading this book, I had decided for my next rails project I was going to use github and heroku; with github being the place where I post my code and heroku being the place where my I host my code. I was planning on doing some early experiments on how to do this. Then when I my book arrived, lo and behold, the first chapter not only discusses setting up your first project, but how to implement github and heroku with them.

I’ve learned that I prefer the books from the Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series over the Pragmatics ruby books. That’s just my personal preference. In the coming months, I plan on burning through more of the Addison-Wesley series. The next book on my list is Obie Fernandez’s The Rails 3 Way. It’s already sitting on my shelf waiting to be read.

It’s fun being excited.

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