Updating My Blog World

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve last written here. It almost feels like Blog Abandonment. I didn’t forget about writing, but rather my life somehow sped up and hasn’t been able to slow down for me to write.

First off, my wife and I found out we were having our first baby. Then ka-boom, our lives sped up. New house, new job, new life. It’s only now things have calmed down. I don’t expect things to be this way for long, the baby is due this September.

Anyway, my new job is still in java development, which surprised some people because of how much devotion I had put into learning ruby in the past year or so. The new job is what I needed. It was closer to home, which means being closer to the baby. Sometimes you have to prioritize. Plus, being closer to home means, I can put in more time to Ruby. I hope to have a good-looking ruby site up and running somewhere in the beginning of 2012.

The new job also sent me to Germany for a week last month, which was a good experience. The chief development happens in Germany. Going there was good exposure and it was cool to see the differences in software development. It’s fun and refreshing to take apart a new code base and see how it all work.

My first production release for work was a few weeks ago, which was easy for me. Right now in my current project, I’m working with SOAP and extending the API for our software. Working directly with SOAP is new to me, so I’ve been catching up on Axis2, which is Apache’s SOAP engine.

I have been thinking about putting together beginner’s tutorial for Axis2, but thought differently about it. If I’m trying to communicate to other developers, I should be doing it in the best way I know how, building real working code. So, I plan on taking my RssReader code sample and integrating Axis2 with it. This will be cool and shouldn’t take a long time to code up. I plan to post the code by August 7. By stating a date here, I plan on committing to it.

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