Thoughts on “Waking Up at 5am to Code”

About a month or so ago, I stumbled across Matt Greer’s blogs post on Waking Up at 5am to Code. I loved reading the article and the idea. So, I did it for a week. I would wake up around 5am, stumble in my office, and begin coding for my project. And the at 6am, I would start the rest of day by getting ready for work.

Originally, I wanted to do it longer than a week and keep going, but I couldn’t keep it up. Though, my project got a lot of traction in that week, I felt sleep deprived. It didn’t help that I had a 5 month old in the other room, but still. And at work, I had trouble concentrating on the work to be done. So when Monday, rolled around again, I decided to reset my alarm back to 6am.

I still think this is a good idea, but only in spurts. I can’t see myself or anyone else doing this long term.

I feel the Don’t Break the Chain productivity method works for me. I don’t have a set time to do work, I just need to get my daily 3 tasks done sometime in the day. And so far, this has stuck with me.

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One Response to Thoughts on “Waking Up at 5am to Code”

  1. I’m trying the waking up at 5am thing…except to work out instead of code. I have had mixed success with it. Sometimes I’m just too tired to get out of bed. I think I am going to implement the “Don’t Break the Chain” method and the 5am method. I have found that I do feel more accomplished when I get my work out in early in the morning. I am kind of sleep deprived the first week or so of the 5am routine…but once I do it consistently, my body seems to adapt to it.

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