Crazy. Insane. Holy Cow.

I am a lost for words. Today, my blog was promoted to the front page of In particular, it was this story that made it’s way there around 1:30 PM Central.

I’m just shocked. I didn’t think much of the post and I wrote it mainly for myself. I’ve never had this many views before.

So for today, I’ve found myself suddenly popular.

Update 6:58 PM Central, March 23, 2012
15 views away from reaching 1000.

Update 2 7:17 PM Central, March 23, 2012

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3 Responses to Crazy. Insane. Holy Cow.

  1. jensine says:

    Maybe that’s the trick … writing for yourself seems to work! I am new at this (my blog is an infant of six days old) and I am amazed at how 85 people visited my page today .. who are these people and how did they find me?

  2. Pets to Go says:

    I saw it today, and thought it was a great post. I’m deciding now where to put my calendar. Congrats on 1000 pageviews. I bet there are many more by now!

    • Yeah, I’ve been watching the numbers. I’m now at 1500 views for yesterday and 1000 so far for today. I also need to step away from the computer and work on my tasks!

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