Nerdy Dads Teach Your Daughters Well

I don’t care if she’s a girl. I’m teaching my daughter how to make stink bombs and potato cannons. And about Star Wars.

The day Olivia was born I blasted the above statement on Facebook. My wife and I decided not to find out the gender, but other people around us believed Olivia was going to be a boy. So much so, the idea of a boy got into both our heads. And for me, like all fathers, I got into my head all the things I wanted to share with him. But the moment she was born her gender didn’t matter to me; I wanted to share everything I loved with her. Just think about it, a whole new person who never seen Star Wars!

But what really stuck with me was what a Facebook friend commented afterwards. She said:

If more nerdy dads shared there interests with their daughters, then maybe we would have more female engineers.

A little explanation of the photos. The very top photos are some of the characters from Star Wars. I made these myself. I plan on using them when reading a novelization of Star Wars to Olivia. The second photo are what I call Baby Operating Systems. I also made these myself. They are the logos of the Operating Systems I’ve worked with. They are smaller, about the size of my hand. I’ve been thinking about using them as a mobile over the crib.

And Moms don’t worry about Dad making your kids too jock, too nerdy, too whatever. The time Dads spend with their kids, especially the girls, can’t be bought from the store.

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7 Responses to Nerdy Dads Teach Your Daughters Well

  1. Introducing OS logos to a lil child!! Ha ha ha..that’s geekiness at it’s best! Way to go.. I thiink I will show my son the Android logo and I know he will insist it’s a robot with the name “Android”.

    Congratulations for being FP

  2. anesthetish says:

    When I was first born, my Dad called me ‘Junior’, and even labeled a few cartoon VHSs as ‘Junior’s cartoons’. Once I was old enough to understand the designation of ‘Junior’, I didn’t mind at all, and still feel it heartwarming. He shared his love of Universal Monsters, classic rock guitar, trains, electricity, & History with myself & my sister.

    I really like the OS mobile idea, too.

  3. susannecollier says:

    My husband teaches our very young children, boy and girl, how to maintain the car. Our daughter loves helping him, and would love her own “grow-mup” tool set. Just so long as it’s pink….

  4. I think it is great that you are sharing your love of Star Wars with your daughter! Many ideas that were once gender biased are not any longer. She will benefit from your encouragement in many ways that you can’t foresee. 🙂 Thanks for the post. It made me smile. 🙂

  5. My husband and I wanted to be surprised the first time around. His reasons were a little different than mine, but I didn’t want to think I knew much about the child be virtue of knowing the sex. Confident in our ability to do this, I wasn’t as concerned the second time around, but my husband wanted to be surprised again. I am happy with this approach.

    People have always indicated I was more masculine than feminine. I wear dresses and jewelry, but I am assertive and somewhat technically inclined. Since I was 15 and on local bulletin boards, this has led people to say I am more like a guy. Ugh! I am myself, with aspects of each. Iam heartened to think of other parents out there teaching their kids useful skills and joyous things are for all!

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