5 Things This Nerdy Dad Wants to Share with His Daughters


This is a list of 5 things this Nerdy Dad wants to share with his daughters as they grow up.

5) Eating

My eldest daughter has already shown signs that she’s an adventurous eater and I hope her new baby sister takes after her. My eldest tastes every new food that’s placed in front of her.

She’s been discovering her own likes and dislikes this way, and she really expresses her dislike of something.   But I’m proud that she’s willing to try anything.   She doesn’t reject anything before she tastes it.

I hope both girls becomes foodies like my wife and I and learn the joy of going out and experiencing new restaurants, especially adventurous places.  As they get older, I hope to have daddy-daughter-and-daughter dates to places like The Publican.  I hope to also to introduce them to other cuisine like Filipino and African.

4) Video Games

I’ve debated if this should be on my list.  I don’t see myself any time soon playing first-person shooters with my daughters.  However, when they are a little older I would love to play games like Plants Vs. Zombies and maybe some Mario and Zelda.

I think the most important thing is that I play along with my daughters.  When each one of them gets a new high score, beats a new level, or discover a new game secret, I want to share in those game accomplishments.

3) Movies

I love movies.  My favorite of course being Star Wars and I can’t wait to share with them the experience of taking them to see the new ones when they’re released.  But I enjoy classics like Casa Blanca and Ben-Hur.  And Westerns like A Fistful of Dollars and True Grit. And of course musicals like Westside Story, Wizard of Oz, The Music Man, and Man of La Mancha.  I have already put together a list of my favorite movies to watch with them as they get older.

I also don’t want movies to be passive entertainment.  I hope to use movies as a gateway to explore creativity.  Such as:

  •     Creative Writing – By writing our own movie scripts or by writing better endings to movies that fell flat
  •     Acting
  •     Movie Production – Creating our own movie shorts. Using the computer to construct simple movies and special effects
  •     The list goes on …

2) Programming

Of course, I’m going to be adding computer programming to list.  It’s too important.  No matter what field each girl decides to go into, being able to program will be vital.  Being able to program just adds to your resume.  A candidate with a little bit programming stands out among the sea of resumes.

I’m not the only Nerdy Dad finds this important.  Other Dads in my office frequently talk about getting our little ones to start thinking about programming.

We talk about Scratch, an educational programming language.  We talk about Lego Mindstorms and other programmable toys.  We want to know what each Dad in the office has been up to, talking about what has been working and not working with our kids.

1) Music

Music is important part of my life and I want it to also be an important part of in both my daughters’ lives.

My eldest, who is 2-years-old, has already claimed my piano as her own, climbing up onto the piano bench and plunking down on the keys all while singing.  She recognizes the piano as a means to create music.  I’m shocked that she can already tell the difference between printed sheet music and regular print that’s in her books.

Like movies, I want them to be active participants and not passive listeners.  I want to see them dance to the beat, create their own songs, improvise, sing, express the joys and sadness of their lives like I have.

I hope by encouraging them to learn, to create, and enjoy the nerdy things I love makes them daring and bold young women.

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