Raising A Star Wars Kid

a.3It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve written about sharing Star Wars with my eldest daughter.  Since then, she has been learning to recognize her Star Wars characters.

With the help of one of my wife’s friends, we got these amazing toddler friendly action figures.  And then, I use a shortened version of the characters’ names that a 2-year-old can say. “Vader” for Darth Vader.  “Chewie” for Chewbacca.  “Fett” for Boba Fett.

It has been fun going to the toy aisle at the store and quiz her.  “Olivia, who’s this?” “VADER!”  “Olivia, who’s this?” “YODA!”

The best part of this update was when all of us went to an evening Christmas dinner at our church.  And at each dinner table, the church had set up a Nativity set for the children to assemble and play with.

The Nativity set on our table was made of ebony, so the statuettes were all jet black.  I picked up one of the wise men and asked my daughter, “Olivia, who’s this?”

And her loud and proud answer?


My wife busted out laughing.


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