Broccoli Confidential

This is a fun story from the first year of my marriage.

One day my wife and I were shopping at a Super Target.  We had stopped in to pick up a few groceries for the big meal my wife had planned for cooking that day.  We were buying mostly produce that day.

At the checkout, I watched the girl cashier ring us up.  First, she rang up all the non-produce items, which weren’t very many.  Then she started on the produce items.  She would pick up the produce, weigh the produce, look up the produce code in her book, and enter the produce code in her register.  This went on for a bit.

Then everything stopped at the last item.  It was broccoli.  She picked up the broccoli looked at and gave it a weird look.  She went into her book, flipped through the pages, and didn’t find what she was looking for.  And she did it again.  Looking.  Looking.  Searching. Searching.  And she still couldn’t find what she was looking for.  I didn’t know what the problem was.

Then she asks, “What do you call this?”

Without hesitation I said, “Baby Trees”.

I busted out laughing when she took me seriously and tried to find it in her little book.  My wife saved her and told her I was joking and the name was broccoli.

I still find this story funny.

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2 Responses to Broccoli Confidential

  1. PuterMan says:

    We call broccoli ‘green trees’ and cauliflower ‘white trees’. I wonder how many other people do similar?

    Makes me think. Stores need scanners that can recognise vegetables. There is an idea for someone enterprising!

    • Someone should just create a sticker with a sticker with an RFID on it. And could be placed in any product. However, there would still people who’d complain about it making pur food unhealthy in some way.

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