Piano Confidential


The family piano was the piano I grew up with.  When I was kid around middle school age, my piano playing progressed so much that it was obvious that playing on consumer keyboard wasn’t enough for me anymore.  My mother and I went to a piano store one day and I picked out the piano that I had wanted.  It was a simple black console.  My mother slowly paid it off over the years.

My piano followed me through life.  It was around  through college, my grad school years, my first programming job, and then marriage.  I always had to get a ground floor apartment, because there was no way I was getting the piano up all those stairs

When my wife and I bought a house, I was finally relieved.  I could have finally have my own piano room.  And most importantly, I didn’t have to worry about upsetting my neighbors anymore.

That all changed when we started having kids.

My eldest daughter, who’s now two, had always been around my piano playing.  But then one morning when I started my usual practice routine, my daughter stops playing with her toys and comes up to me by my side.  She starts tapping up on arm to get my attention.

I look down at her and she says, “My Nano!”
“Your piano?” I say.
“Yeah! My Nano!”

I guess this is what I get for having my piano room double as her play room.

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