Talking the Talk

Me Thinking About Talking

Not too long ago, I was on the train talking with one of my coworkers, Jayesh, and I saw him working on something. So, I asked him about it.

He told me he submitted three different proposals for talks at the next Apache Big Data Conference. I was wowed. I was even more wowed when he said all three were accepted. So from now and until the conference, when he’s not working at his job or when his family is sleeping, he’s preparing his talks and their slides.

This made my wheels in my head start turning, especially after coming home from the Strata Conf. Why don’t I give a talk at a conference?

I would of course need to build up to do something like a conference. I would first give a lunch-n-learn at work. That’s where I would start this journey, by giving a presentation to my peers. Next, I would see if I can give a talk at a local meetup / user groups. I would slowly work up to doing a national conference.

I don’t see this all happening over night. This would take careful planning and work over a year or so. And a lot of practice. I normally do not give presentation or talks to big groups as part of my everyday life. So I see myself doing a lot of rehearsing and dry runs, until it feels natural.

So what would I talk about?

One thing I learned at Strata Conf, there were two types of talks that I really enjoyed. The first were debugging talks. These were talks that discussed how to do debug your big data jobs. The second type of talk I enjoyed were tutorials. These tutorial talks walk the audience through building a small working baby project staring from nothing. A tutorial talk helps people bootstrap the process of getting started in working with a new technology. It’s more hands on and immediate.

I love these talks the most because they affect my everyday life now. I walk out with action items that I can use in my day to day to development. And if I feel like this, I know others feel the same and would appreciate people making talks such as these.

So, my first attempt at creating a tech talk will be a tutorial and maybe attempt a debugging talk down the road. As the wheels turn in my mind, I’m picturing a simple kafka-spark-streaming tutorial. I’ll just have to get down to is and create it now.

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