A Last Minute Lightning Talk

As I had stated in one of my previous posts,  I’ve been wanting to one day to a tech talk, but needed to work up to do something like that.  And then out of nowhere, I found myself being asked to do a lightning talk at work of what I learned at the Strata+Hadoop Conference that I attended.  My audience were the other software engineers and some of the data scientists of the company.  Below are some of initial thoughts on the talk I gave.

  1. I’ve been working on my pace.  I tried to consciously slow down and not talk so fast.  I think this is working.  But in the moments I thought to slow down, I had a tendency to look up in the space above the listeners head.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad.  I think I need to film myself when I practice or give another talk to see.

  2. Even though this talk was short and unplanned, I need to still at least appear to be prepared.  So work on confidence, but also make it feel like a conversation and not a lecture.

  3. Because of time, I wasn’t the one who prepared my slides, so my bullet points was not in the correct order from the way I had practiced in my mind.  I was able to recover.  This just reminds me to be prepared for anything.



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