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Technologies I’ve worked with in 2013

These are the big things I can think of. Hadoop Ecosystem Hadoop HBase Writing Map/Reduce jobs in Pig Writing Map/Reduce jobs in Java Writing Map/Reduce jobs in Python using Hadoop Streaming Apache Flume Writing a custom Flume Sink Apache Avro More … Continue reading

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War Stories and Job Interviews

I’ve sat on the other side of the table in a job interview. It’s not uncommon in companies for a member of the software team to evaluate a potential candidate, because it’s this team member who will be working everyday … Continue reading

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GitHubbing the Developer’s Resume

I recently found Ben Orenstein blog again and in his latest post he makes the argument that for software developers the traditional resume is deprecated. That it is no longer useful or even needed in the life of today’s software … Continue reading

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The Dip || Book Review

The Dip by Seth Godin Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and popular author on topics ranging from marketing to today’s tech industry.  I’ve been following Seth’s blog for a few months now, and much of his insight and ideas have … Continue reading

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Still Here

[[ Funny post I wrote many years ago on my first blog. I was thinking about it again and decided to share it again here. ]] I was just recently sent by the company I work for to New Jersey … Continue reading

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Narrowing Your Focus

From my blog reading, I stumbled across SchmidtHappens’ post.  He argues that a web developer is not the same as a web designer.  Yes, they both deal with the web; however, each job actually encompasses a different skill set.  He … Continue reading

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