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What Dreams May Come

One of the things my wife always found strange about me is that I always try to listen to my dreams.  If I strongly remember a dream after waking up, I try to gleam any useful information from them.  Often, … Continue reading

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5 Things This Nerdy Dad Wants to Share with His Daughters

This is a list of 5 things this Nerdy Dad wants to share with his daughters as they grow up. 5) Eating My eldest daughter has already shown signs that she’s an adventurous eater and I hope her new baby … Continue reading

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War Stories and Job Interviews

I’ve sat on the other side of the table in a job interview. It’s not uncommon in companies for a member of the software team to evaluate a potential candidate, because it’s this team member who will be working everyday … Continue reading

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Nerdy Dads Teach Your Daughters Well

I don’t care if she’s a girl. I’m teaching my daughter how to make stink bombs and potato cannons. And about Star Wars. The day Olivia was born I blasted the above statement on Facebook. My wife and I decided … Continue reading

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Crazy. Insane. Holy Cow.

I am a lost for words. Today, my blog was promoted to the front page of In particular, it was this story that made it’s way there around 1:30 PM Central. I’m just shocked. I didn’t think much of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Waking Up at 5am to Code”

About a month or so ago, I stumbled across Matt Greer’s blogs post on Waking Up at 5am to Code. I loved reading the article and the idea. So, I did it for a week. I would wake up around … Continue reading

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Don’t Break the Chain

An old friend of mine shared this article from lifehacker. It’s describes Seinfeld’s productivity secret and describes an implementation of it. If you don’t know, Jerry Seinfeld is a successful comic and TV actor. He rose to fame in the … Continue reading

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