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Happy Trails!

So, imagine spending the last few months minimizing your life. Deciding what to keep and what to sell off. Everything you’ve decided to keep must fit in 5×10 storage. Next thing will be to leave your job and move out … Continue reading

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Piano Confidential

The family piano was the piano I grew up with.  When I was kid around middle school age, my piano playing progressed so much that it was obvious that playing on consumer keyboard wasn’t enough for me anymore.  My mother … Continue reading

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What Dreams May Come

One of the things my wife always found strange about me is that I always try to listen to my dreams.  If I strongly remember a dream after waking up, I try to gleam any useful information from them.  Often, … Continue reading

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Broccoli Confidential

This is a fun story from the first year of my marriage. One day my wife and I were shopping at a Super Target.  We had stopped in to pick up a few groceries for the big meal my wife … Continue reading

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Automated Testing: What Is It Really Good For?

We all know the value of automated testing.  When I first saw it in college, it was to show how well we can validate our code’s completeness.  You got marks off for if your code didn’t pass the professor’s automated … Continue reading

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Jazz Lessons and Static Inner Classes

[[ Sticking with the music theme that seems to keep popping up in my posts. ]] I’ve recently decided to take up jazz piano again and found a great private lessons teacher in my neighborhood. Frank has been filling in … Continue reading

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How to Get Rid of Comcast Caller ID Pop Ups

If you’re like me and have Comcast’s Triple Play, you have no doubt discovered the annoying Caller ID pop ups on your TV. Anytime when someone calls your home while you’re watching the game or your favorite show, Comcast has … Continue reading

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