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I wasn’t expecting to post this code so soon. I wanted to find someone to do a code review first. But today ( March 23, 2012 ) my blog got promoted to’s front page and now I’m getting a crazy amount of views.

Since the project is for the most part done, I would be crazy not to take the opportunity. If you’re a reader and a coder, I would appreciate your code comments.

This is a simple code sample of web service. It was written using java and utilizes Axis 2. Other goodies in it are Spring, Hibernate, and MySQL. Basically, it’s the next generation of the project below called RssDigesterWithSpring. I believe this to be a good working example on how to get started with creating web services using Axis 2.

This is a new code same that I whipped up today ( April 7, 2012). I wanted to experiment with Couchbase, so again I took my old project “RssDigesterWithSpring” and did some refactoring, but most importantly I replaced MYSQL with Couchbase. The learning experience was fun with this one.

This is a Java code sample that utilizes Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, and a few other things. It digests a RSS or Atom feed that you specify, then parses it, and saves it to a MySQL database. Digesting feeds and saving them into a database is very idomatic in the web development world.

[[ This page is still a work in progress.  I’ll be adding more code samples as I work on them. ]]

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